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Mortgage Loan Programs.

These are our traditional mortgage loan programs.

A conventional mortgage refers to any housing loan that’s not insured or guaranteed by the Federal Government. Conventional loans offer competitive interest rates, and documentation and good credit are required to qualify. There are also programs available for as little as 3% down payment. But, if your down payment for a purchase, or home equity loan in the case of a refinance, is less than 20%, you may be required to pay private mortgage insurance (PMI).

FHA Loan.

An FHA loan is a mortgage that’s insured by the Federal Housing Administration. Borrowers with FHA loans pay for mortgage insurance, which protects the lender from a loss if the borrower defaults. FHA-insured loans require very little cash to close, and provide more flexibility in calculating household income and payment ratios.

VA Loan.

Reserved for active duty military, eligible veterans and reserves or their surviving spouses, VA home mortgage loans are backed by the Veterans Administration and offer those who qualify a federally guaranteed home loan that requires little to no down payment.

Closed End Seconds - Home Equity Loan.

Our standalone 2nd mortgage program is designed to go behind low-interest rate 1st Mortgages. Our HE Loan gives you access to the built-up equity in your home, while preserving your low-rate 1st mortgage, resulting in a low “Blended” rate.  With blending the rate, we are able to offer a lower blended rate compared to new cash-out refinance options.

Benefits of a Second lien:

- Borrow up to 85% of your loan to value

- Low blended rate

- Non-owner occupied properties also qualify!

Fixed and Adjustable Rates.

We offer both fixed-rate and adjustable rate mortgages (ARM). With a fixed-rate mortgage, your interest rate will not change. But, the interest rate charged to you on an adjustable-rate loan will change depending on the loan terms and rate adjustment caps.

Jumbo and Super Jumbo.

Jumbo and Super Jumbo loan programs are also considered conventional loans, but offer financing for loan amounts that are greater than the  standard limits.

Reverse Mortgage.

Reserved for those 62 years of age or older, a Reverse Mortgage allows homeowners to convert part of their home’s equity into cash without having to sell their home or pay additional monthly bills. This type of mortgage loan program is intended to help those on a fixed-income stay in their home. Borrowers must live in the home as their primary residence, pay property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, HOA Association dues (if applicable) and maintain the home according to FHA requirements, otherwise the loan becomes due and payable.

USDA Financing.

A United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) home loan is a zero-down payment, lower interest rate mortgage, for eligible rural and suburban properties. Issued through the USDA loan program, USDA financing is designed to improve the economy and quality of life in rural America.

Second Homes or Investment Properties.

For those who qualify, Ark Home Loans offers a range of home loan options for second homes or investment properties. Though people may use these terms interchangeably, second homes and investment properties are not the same and each have distinct lending requirements and guidelines.

We also offer these niche mortgage loan programs.
Down Payment Assistance Program.

Ark Home Loans can provide the full down payment required.  This is a one hundred percent forgivable grant and is used in conjunction with an FHA loan.


You qualify if you meet ANY of the following requirements:

- Have a 600 minimum FICO score

- Buy the property as your Primary Residence

- Medical collections to a certain limit are OK! 

- Not have a bankruptcy in the last two years

Other restrictions may apply.


The applicant must complete a home buyer education course or pre-purchase counseling course in order to qualify for this grant.

FHA 203(k) a.k.a Renovation Loan.

An FHA 203(k) loans lets you renovate and purchase or refinance your existing home to upgrade and remodel, all in one loan!. An FHA 203(k) Loan can provide you the financing needed for home improvements projects without tapping into your savings account.

VA 95% Cash Out.

The VA Cash Out refinance program is popular with veterans who want to lower their home loan rate and tap into their home’s equity—up to 95% of its current value. A low interest rate and flexible payment terms make the Cash-Out Refinance loan a popular choice among veterans who want to refinance.

Ark Home Renovation Loan.

An Ark Home Renovation loan allows buyers to either purchase a new home or refinance their existing home and make personalized improvements with only one loan closing. The Ark Home Renovation loan does not have any minimum amount of improvements or any restrictions on the type of repairs that can be included in the loan as long as the improvements are permanently affixed to the property and add value.  

Ark Home Second Chance Loan.

An Ark Home Second Chance loan is a program tailored specifically for people who have been turned down by local banks. We work with you to overcome obstacles and we determine which custom loan program fits your criteria and your specific needs. We won't say no, we will say when. 

Construction to Perm.

Whether you’re building a home or renovating, construction-to-permanent loans can cover your lot, construction, and mortgage financing. Benefits of this mortgage loan program include no payments during construction and a single set of closing costs, helping you save money. It also allows the process to move forward without interruption from potential snags in financing other aspects later on.

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